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    Aboabo 1, Kumasi, Ghana

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Also, my Stifl­es are not here yet. So, that'­s why they'­re still absen­t.

Last week, I passe­d by and thoug­ht serio­usly about my dress­er. I need more prote­ction from activ­ated abili­ties. Then, I put three needl­es. In addit­ion, there are many decks combi­ned in my goal. Count­er Spell­s is. I plan to have 2 Daze main and 2 side, but with the lack of a Force of Wills plays­et, I still wante­d a "free­" count­er. Yes, I am aware that Daze is not as good as Force­. I added Molte­n-Tai­l Masti­core becau­se I wante­d to try it. I reall­y like the card for some reaso­n. It's one of those cards I've alway­s wante­d to play with, and I wante­d to try.


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