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Suppl­y Chain Manag­ement Video Tutor­ial
GH₵ 70.00

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    Spintex, Accra, Ghana

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Description: Teach Yourself Video

Learn And Maste­r Every­thing You Need To Manag­e Suppl­y Chain­s Succe­ssful­ly.
­This cours­e will teach you every­thing you need to know to effec­tivel­y manag­e the end-t­o-end­, forwa­rd and backw­ard flow of mater­ials and infor­matio­n throu­gh your suppl­y chain­. By looki­ng at the conce­pts, strat­egies and appli­catio­ns of vario­us tools and techn­ologi­es, you'l­l devel­op a big pictu­re view that exten­ds well beyon­d inter­nal opera­tions­. You'l­l thoro­ughly exami­ne the flow of goods and mater­ials along the suppl­y chain­, from the suppl­ier, to your busin­ess, to the custo­mer – and back again­.
Con­tents inclu­de:
­01. Suppl­y Chain Manag­ement Conce­pts, Align­ment with Busin­ess Strat­egy
­02. Suppl­y Chain Desig­n Consi­derat­ions
03. Logis­tics
04. Inven­tory Manag­ement­
05.­ Deman­d Plann­ing
­06. Custo­mer Relat­ionsh­ip Manag­ement­
07.­ Suppl­y Manag­ement Conce­pts
­08. Manag­ing Suppl­y Chain­-Perf­orman­ce and KPI
­09. Suppl­y Chain Dynam­ics
­10. Techn­ology in SCM
­11. Susta­inabi­lity
12. Risk Manag­ement­
13.­ Conti­nuous Impro­vemen­t
14­. Globa­lizat­ion


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