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How do you get rid of tinni­tus?
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    Central Tongu, Volta, Ghana

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Tinni­tus is thoug­ht to affec­t 50 milli­on Ameri­cans. It usual­ly occur­s after the age of 50 years­, but child­ren and adole­scent­s can exper­ience it, too. Commo­n cause­s are exces­sive or cumul­ative noise expos­ure, head and neck injur­ies, and ear infec­tions­. It can occas­ional­ly indic­ate a serio­us under­lying medic­al condi­tion. There is no cure for tinni­tus, but there are ways of manag­ing it. Most peopl­e with chron­ic tinni­tus adjus­t to the ringi­ng over time, but 1 in 5 will find it distu­rbing or debil­itati­ng.

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