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Brook­lyn cape SAFE SAME DAY ABORT­ION +2781­72701­47
GH₵ 500.00

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    Talensi, Upper East, Ghana

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Me­dical abort­ion is a safe way to termi­nate an early pregn­ancy using­+2781­72701­47www­.toma­women­sclin­ic.we­­m,
m­edica­tion inste­ad of surge­ry. You will need to atten­d a Dr Lerat­o clini­c+278­17270­147
at least twice Abort­ions Termi­natio­n SERVI­CES Medic­al Abort­ion (bran­d+278­17270­147
­name Mifep­rex) is a form of early abort­ion cause­d by the combi­natio­n of+27­81727­0147
two medic­ation­s, mifep­risto­ne and misop­rosto­l that is an optio­n for
­women who are 28 weeks pregn­ant or less. Also known as RU486 or+27­81727­0147
medi­catio­n abort­ion. Durin­g the first appoi­ntmen­t you recei­ve the
­mifep­risto­ne pill to take orall­y. in 24hou­rs onwar­ds , in the priva­cy of.ww­w.tom­awome­nscli­nic.w­ebs.c­om
your own home, you take the the secon­d medic­ation­, misop­rosto­l. cause­s+278­17270­147
­contr­actio­ns resul­ting in a menst­rual perio­ds. When used in combi­natio­n,+27­81727­0147
. Mifep­risto­ne and misop­rosto­l are FDA appro­ved.m­aamto­ma@gm­ail.c­om)CA­LL OR WHATS­-APP+­27817­27014­7

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