About us

What can you do on Myjoymarket.com?

Myjoymarket.com is a free online classifieds marketplace exclusively for Ghana. On Myjoymarket.com, you can buy or sell products, offer or find services, and place Job vacancies by posting an ad. With the daily traffic congestions, you can save time by browsing though thousands of ads and let the shops/sellers deliver products to your office or home.

What we offer

Myjoymarket.com offers users easy-to-use search tools, engaging content and time saving navigation hand-in-hand with user-generated content through Myjoymarket.com's passionately engaged community. Myjoymarket.com aims to fill a gap by offering a solution to the hassles of connecting on a peer-to-peer level in the real world. Smart consumers demand simple and easy comparison of products and services that help take the stress and hassle out of conventional trading, allowing them to save time and money, and Myjoymarket.com aims to offer a solution with our innovative interactive marketplace platform.

Made for consumer business

Myjoymarket.com is a one-stop shop for interacting online on a business level. We've introduced innovative navigational features and possibilities to help users make quick, easy, and swift business interactions by presenting them with the largest online selection and a comprehensive array of comparison possibilities for their favourite products, brands or desired goods and services. Our marketplace experience is further enhanced with various social features, including the possibility to allow for unique user interactions, unique profile pages for both consumers and businesses, as well as many supportive features such as instant price negotiation capabilities with the click of a button. For businesses, Myjoymarket.com serves as a highly efficient marketing channel by reaching a Ghana wide audience with a few clicks. Myjoymarket.com maximises a merchant's reach tremendously and gives them a leading advantage and enormous user base to which to attract and market themselves, their products, or their offerings too. Our focus on delivering the utmost in user experience thus translates into an effective marketing channel. Furthermore, the comprehensive and structured presentation of information and data on the site facilitates quick consumer action decisions. As a result, browsing users are retained on the site and quickly turn into a part of Myjoymarket.com's ever-growing interactive marketplace community.